If your house has started overflowing with items, you may consider having a massive garage sale to offload various things or even taking stuff to charity shops to receive some sizeable tax donations.

Instead of doing that, however, you could also consider renting out a storage locker and storing your things there, especially if you know you’ll only need the space for a short time. Of course, after deciding to store your items, the next question to answer pertains to size: how do you know which size locker to get? Below is a list that should help make that decision.

If You Only Have a Few Things

The smallest locker that most storage units generally have available is a 5×5′ unit, which is perfect for storing a small dresser, garden tools, or other smaller items. If you need more space, they also have a 5×10′ size locker that can hold a small bedroom’s size worth of items, such as a television, end table, and more. For perspective, the 5×5′ is generally the size of a small closet, while the 5×10′ is the size of a walk-in closet.

If You Need to Move a Bedroom

If you’ve moved from a larger house to a smaller area and need someplace to store an entire bedroom’s worth of contents, the 5×15′ may be perfect for you. Due to the shape, once you store the items, it could be a hassle to get to the back of the locker, but this size is perfect for storing bikes or bedframes, and mattresses.

A 10×10′ offers a similar amount of space in a slightly different configuration. Sitting about half the size of a regular-size garage, the 10×10′ storage unit offers enough space to store an entire bedroom, plus several other boxes that can be stacked on top.

If You Have Multiple Bedrooms to Store

The next step up from the smaller options are the 10×15′ and the 10×20′, both of which are big enough to store two or three bedrooms’ worth of contents, in addition to bulky items such as pianos and couches. If you opt for the bigger of the two sizes, also expect to be able to fit your entire laundry room set, such as a washer, dryer, and dining room set. These are roughly the size of a full one to two-car garage, and offer plenty of storage space for most families.

If You Need to Store a Boat

Or even if you don’t need to store a boat, car, or another gigantic item, ask your local storage center about renting a 10×25′ or a 10×30′ option. For RV storage, make sure your storage facility can accommodate your motorhome. These are long, making them perfect for backing up vehicles and parking them long-term, or backing up a trailer and offloading an entire house of things. Multiple bedrooms, in addition to entertainment centers, home offices, and more should fit well in these units.

Whatever locker you choose, make sure that it’s one that is well-maintained by the local staff. Check for general cleanliness, especially in the units that aren’t air-conditioned, and ask about the security measures in place. Most reputable companies will offer either on-site security detail or security cameras and a locked gate. If not, you can try looking elsewhere.

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